Love is the air

Love is the air


Love is the air.

Let's talk about love- what does it mean or really how does it feel? 

I don't know to be quite honest but what I can say is that love is all around us in our homes, friends, work, and school. - Nature has a funny way of "showing" us just of that. When I started "playing" with flowers, I wanted to show love to myself. Flowers were a reminder that I was loved and always be will. Life is too short not to give yourself flowers or share flowers with those you love.

I guess that is what love is to me.

More so than any faux counterparts, real flowers are alive and tangible. While this may seem obvious, often, when we give a love token, it is for our beloved rather than to them.
Real flowers offer us the chance to connect on an even deeper level with the people we give them to by recognizing not only the significance of what they signify (the depth of feeling we have for each other) but also the literal fact that they are living organisms made possible by sunshine, rain, soil and much more.

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